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Native American Indian Links
Maps, Current Places & History
Many Paths (for Adults and Kids)
The People of the Hunting Grounds
White Bison, Inc.

Teachings of Christ Links
Encyclopedia of Christianity
Bible History Online
Bible Maps of Bible Times and Lands

Buddhist Links
Ten Thousand Buddhas Summit Monastery
Guided Meditation
All is a Miracle
Community of Interbeing
Daily Buddhist Practice

Interesting Links
Sacred Texts Online
Interfaith Calendar - Definition of Terms
Oprah's Kindness Chain
Kentucky Awake - Conservation Website
Wellness Links
Kentuckiana Holistic Nurses Association
Martha Creek & Byron Katie's "Loving What Is"
Body Mind Spirit Directory
Drum for Healing - Bob Laake
The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation
The Charity Guide

GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!
In the true spirit of Coming Together, we honor our program partners and partner organizations and encourage you to check out their programs.

Program Partners
Ashley Cooper - Pranic Meditation & Healing
Drum for Healing with Bob Laake
Rev. Martha Creek
Personal Reflections Counseling
Raqia - Bellydance for Wellness

Partner Organizations
Anamchara Catholic Community
IndioTrail, Inc.
KYANA Holistic Nurses Association
Lynny Prince, Author
Unity of Louisville

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